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Our Mission


‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner like a shadow everywhere.’ - Chinese proverb


The purpose of ConductVision as a global educational programme is empowering individuals and organizations to embrace the philosophy of learning leadership, communication, personal development and other important skills in the context of another discipline.


We believe that education and professional development are the most critical factors in helping individuals change their lives for the better. 


We are curious, investigative, listening, visioning the future, constantly transforming ourselves. 


Our mission is to guide and encourage learners to explore, discover and find solutions themselves. We believe in qualities that have empowered remarkable individuals in the past and will do so in the future are: continuous learning and empowering individuals to develop and strive for continuous improvement.


We offer a unique platform to learn from each other, share their unique experiences and cultural heritage as well as exchange ideas on learning and education.


Our Team 


Bibi PelicBibi Pelić, Dr. (Hons.) 

Bibi is the Founder and CEO of ConductVision. Trained as a classical violinist, Bibi founded ConductVision as an educational programme designed to provide current and future business leaders a new platform for discussion on key business issues. Bibi's corporate experience incudes her position as Head of Customer Service at a global corporate organisation, responsible for restructuring the department and optimising work processes and procedures to meet and exceed the highest market demands.

From her childhood days Bibi has been a true Cosmopolitan, living in Australia, Austria, former Yugoslavia, the Czech Republic and traveling the world. She attended International schools and is fluent in English, German, Czech and Croatian. Bibi is also founder of a successful startup Let’s Play Concertos, a music education Project, developing music for online playing and practicing. 

She is a recipient of the European Union of Arts Gustav Mahler Award for outstanding achievement. 
In 2016, Bibi was awarded the degree of Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts.

Ulrike Michel-Schneider Ulrike Michel-Schneider, MBA 

Ulrike studied Business Administration and received her Bachelor from San Francisco State University and her MBA from HHL - Graduate School of Management, Leipzig. She majored in Marketing and International Management and has since gained work experience in a number of fields and in international settings. She has studied and worked in Germany, the USA, the Netherlands, as well as the Czech Republic. 

With valuable business development experience in the field of air cargo and logistics, skills in mediation, consulting and analytics in real estate, fundraising, event management and relationship management in the non-for-profit sector as well as education, she is an experienced business consultant. 

In her current role she is acting as Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnership for ConductVision. 








Ivana Pelic

Ivana Pelić

Ivana is Head of Content with ConductVision. 

She is responsible for content research and quality contributing her vast knowledge of music performance and performers, as well as development of music ensembles and organizations. 

Her background and experience as an international concert pianist, having studied in Sydney, Vienna, Zagreb and participating in music-courses in Germany and Austria, brings immense value to the ConductVision quality and brand. 









Jean Paul Medellin

Jean Paul Medellín

Jean Paul is Head of Design, responsible for the visual and graphic brand identity of ConductVision.

He studied Visual Comunication and Graphic design with a major in editorial design and illustration from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. His work on digital and print médiums range from book covers, advertisement, brand identity, logo creation, web design and illustration. 

Currently living in Prague, Czech Republic, he continues working as a freelancer while developing a concept artist portofolio.






'My team and I recently had the great pleasure of taking Bibi's Music and Leadership workshop and highly recommend it. Bibi adjusts her workshop to any kind of team and prepares well while tailoring her presentation and practical exercise to specific needs of the team. The theoretic part was very interesting and prepared the participants well for the practical sessions, which tested and compared the skills of the various leaders. Her style of teaching is very open, interactive and fun. My team has demanded already a second session by her.'
'For those companies or particulars that are looking for a leadership training, I recommend Bibi Pelic services. I attended to one of her leadership and music workshop and it was a great learning experience. Bibi is very professional, enthusiastic and has got deep knowledge about leadership. Some of the knowledge I picked during the training, I can apply it to my work.'
'Bibi has accomplished to bring you insight into management, organization and corporate social interaction thru the lense of music and orquestra direction. Her ideas are presented in accesible, familiar terms everyone can relate to yet provide a new perspective in leadership and management drawing inspiring parallelisms between the two worlds.'