ConductVision is a consulting and learning company helping organisations and individuals develop HR solutions for the digital age and beyond. We follow the principles of interdisciplinary values, understanding that the best way to know a thing is through another thing.

ConductVision is based on the Music & Leadership program that explains leadership, organizational structures, processes and communication through music leaders and organisations. We have gone a step further in utilizing the artist/musician’s mindset in recognizing corporate organizational processes and developments and offering creative solutions to the same. 

Transform your business into a dynamic and inspiring organization, strategically and constructively implementing processes learned from music, art and other areas.


Let us help you learn to Conduct Your own Vision!




'My team and I recently had the great pleasure of taking Bibi's Music and Leadership workshop and highly recommend it. Bibi adjusts her workshop to any kind of team and prepares well while tailoring her presentation and practical exercise to specific needs of the team. The theoretic part was very interesting and prepared the participants well for the practical sessions, which tested and compared the skills of the various leaders. Her style of teaching is very open, interactive and fun. My team has demanded already a second session by her.'
'For those companies or particulars that are looking for a leadership training, I recommend Bibi Pelic services. I attended to one of her leadership and music workshop and it was a great learning experience. Bibi is very professional, enthusiastic and has got deep knowledge about leadership. Some of the knowledge I picked during the training, I can apply it to my work.'
'Bibi has accomplished to bring you insight into management, organization and corporate social interaction thru the lense of music and orquestra direction. Her ideas are presented in accesible, familiar terms everyone can relate to yet provide a new perspective in leadership and management drawing inspiring parallelisms between the two worlds.'