Strategic Consulting

Through their education, training and performance experiences, artists and musicians are known for developing an exceptional mindset able to recognize and identify organizational structures, processes and strategies within other industries.


Our Strategic Consultancy Program helps clients look for new creative solutions in identifying and optimizing work processes and procedures, adapting or changing organizational structures. Departmental, team and individual roles and responsibilities are analyzed and optimized and if necessary restructured. We can also help identify future roadmaps as well as develop an innovative and creative approach to growth strategy. 


Today we are witnessing major shifts in the corporate landscape.  In the last decade globalisation changed the way we think and do business. Digitalisation announced an new era, challenging us to find new models of organisational design and behaviour.


Traditional organisations and teams as well as our own behaviour and skills may not be up to the new challenges. The question here is what are we exactly looking for? How can a team adapt, adjust or perhaps completely transform itself to meet new ways of communication, work processes and higher performance levels? Another important task for leaders today is to successfully identify ways to introduce Millennials into the working process, understand how to motivate, inspire and help them find their own star in the professional environment.


At ConductVision we are exploring these questions, looking to identify new frameworks within which to find solutions. As we believe in interdisciplinary values, we have explored how similar processes run in the music and art world, understanding that creative minds can see what others can not. 

Currently our focus is on the following 4 questions:

  1. What team types are we looking for in the Digital Age?
  2. What skills do we need to compete?
  3. How can we raise employee satisfaction and performance level?
  4. How to train Millennials to be future leaders?

Our Strategic Consultancy Program further includes helping companies support a successful sustainable company culture by helping employees understand and implement company mission and values. 


Contact us to learn more how we can help your organisation develop teams and skills for the Digital Age.



'My team and I recently had the great pleasure of taking Bibi's Music and Leadership workshop and highly recommend it. Bibi adjusts her workshop to any kind of team and prepares well while tailoring her presentation and practical exercise to specific needs of the team. The theoretic part was very interesting and prepared the participants well for the practical sessions, which tested and compared the skills of the various leaders. Her style of teaching is very open, interactive and fun. My team has demanded already a second session by her.'
'For those companies or particulars that are looking for a leadership training, I recommend Bibi Pelic services. I attended to one of her leadership and music workshop and it was a great learning experience. Bibi is very professional, enthusiastic and has got deep knowledge about leadership. Some of the knowledge I picked during the training, I can apply it to my work.'
'Bibi has accomplished to bring you insight into management, organization and corporate social interaction thru the lense of music and orquestra direction. Her ideas are presented in accesible, familiar terms everyone can relate to yet provide a new perspective in leadership and management drawing inspiring parallelisms between the two worlds.'