Are You Ready for the Digital Age?

Digital transformation in the recent years has changed the corporate landscape. Whether we are talking about a smaller company or big corporation, the digital age is asking for new models of organizational design. Traditional teams do not have the ability to keep up the pace in the era of digitalisation.

Are you experiencing an overwhelming feeling that you might not be up to the challenges of the Digital age? Are you asking yourself am I ready for it, are my skills good enough or do I need new skills, is my team flexible and mobile enough to manage the constant flow of new tasks, projects and corporate objectives? 

Artists and musicians are known for possessing an exceptional mindset able to identify and develop new organisational designs and behaviours. They also have the remarkable ability to recognize and identify organizational structures, processes and strategies within other industries.

Today, in a time of change and transformation, embracing different perspectives and mindsets is a necessity in moving individuals and organisations forward. 

Spring Workshops

We have prepared for you a series of 4 workshops to address and explore these questions, with the aim to provide answers, trigger your critical mindset in looking for creative solutions. As we believe in interdisciplinary values, we will pop into the art and music world looking for ideas and solutions it offers.


  1. Create a Team For the Digital Age - What team types are we looking for in the Digital Age? (April 13th
  2. The Skills Revolution - Do you have the Digital and Soft skills to compete? (May 16th

  3. Employee Retention - How to get Employees to the next level (June 6th)
  4. Millenials - How to Train Millenials to be future Leaders (June 20th)


Workshops take place from 8.30-10.00

Venue: Czech Museum of Music, Karmelitská 388/2, 118 00 Praha 1

Your Investment: 750 CZK plus VAT (invoice payment) per workshop

Register by email: info@musicandleadership.

Come to our workshops, join like-minded future oriented professionals and lets together create our future in the Digital age!





“若你或你的公司、团队希望接受领导力培训,我十分推荐Bibi Pelic的服务。我曾参加了她的领导力和音乐研讨会,成为了一段难忘的学习经历。Bibi非常专业,也充满热情,并对领导力有着深刻的了解与研究。在培训期间我学到了许多具有实践意义的知识”